Here Are 9 Things You Should Do To Have Awesome Sex On Your First Date

Here Are 9 Things You Should Do To Have Awesome Sex On Your First Date

Dating—as a 20-something, hot-blooded, millennial man is umm…complicated. The stalking, the sweet-talking, the convincing, the pick-up and finally the actual date. Phew! Think of it as the ‘The Hunger Games’—but just without all the fighting, the gore, and a very sexy Miss. Katniss Everdeen a.k.a Jennifer Lawrence. Having said that, getting laid a.k.a getting actual sex on the first date could actually rank tougher. But if you’re still living in 2009 and don’t believe in hooking up on the very first date? This story is not your read, my friend. However, if you are anything like us and believe in dipping-it-and-doing-it—several times if we may add—on date number one, this story is tailor-made just for you. So, without any delay, presenting the MXP guide to going for gold…

Common courtesy a.k.a  Get the damn cheque… 

Common courtesy a.k.a  Get the damn cheque

Don’t get into the game of who should pay and why should you pay all the time. The idea of a man picking up the cheque may be old (school) but is still quite impressive.

Kiss It Better!

Kiss It Better!

Or rather know how to kiss. The idea is to start softly, followed by some intense foreplay and biting her lips ). Don’t just shove your tongue in.

Have a gameplan, bro! 
Have a gameplan, bro!
We call this the know your audience trick. The idea is to loosely plan the evening in your head so that you don’t end up looking like a douche.

EWWW! Don’t wear smelly socks (or torn socks). 

EWWW! Don't wear smelly socks (or torn socks).


Don’t use too much hair gel…

Don't use too much hair gel

Yuck! Too much hair gel or wax is not good for either your hair or your sex-life.

Be prepared 
Be prepared
Think of it like your maths final. Revision (read: preparation) is key to score high in calculus. So, in no particular order…

Carry condoms

Carry mint

Clean your apartment before you leave

Stock your refrigerator. (You’ll thank us later)

Shave/Trim/body hair realness

For the love of Hugh Jackson, make sure to trim/shave/wax—whatever you please—your body hair. No one wants to sleep with the gorilla from King Kong.

Don’t touch yourself 
Don't touch yourself 
We are pro-masturbation—but there’s a limit to what a d**k…err..body can do. So, to increase your sex-drive we would recommend to staying away from touching your willy for at least 24 hours. Pro-tip: Keep yourself hydrated(!!)

Don’t look at other women 
Don't look at other women 

PS: If you end up getting lucky (not the Pharrell song), make sure you perform and leave an everlasting impression. No pressure, obviously!