The 16 Most Bubblelicious Butts on Instagram


Use these belfies as fitspo to help you get through your squats.

Because it’s tough to get your butt off the couch, particularly when you’re trying to rouse yourself to hit the gym, use these almost unbelievable belfies to remind you what a solid set of squats can do for your booty:

This Beverly Hills-based fitness trainer hasn’t just mastered the art of taking a picture-perfect belfie — she’s honed in on exactly which exercises lift her booty, to the delight of her 7.1 million followers. Here are the butt moves she performs on the regular.


Jen Selter has a belfie pose named after her: Just look up #seltering to figure out what that’s all about. Then try Jen’s go-to butt moves.


Creator of the Hourglass Workout, this Canada-based fitness trainer is living proof that her hardcore movesdeliver — that is, deliver a butt that looks remarkably like Kim Kardashian’s.

Fitness model Julia Gilas might make it look easy to win Instagram with belfies (after all, she’s got 4.3 million followers) but her gym posts prove she puts the time in.


Model Sommer Ray has 12.4 Instagram followers — and a workout routine that clearly works.

IRL, there are few things rounder than this fitness fanatic’s butt, and the only competition is fruit. That’s because she literally works her @$$ off at the gym and counts macros like it’s her job. Just take a look at her regular routine.


Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley doesn’t bother tucking in the buns when she hits the beach — likely because she spends so much time toning her tush, why cover up?


That Yovanna Ventura can somehow make control top tights look sexy speaks to her shapely appeal: The animal lover has a fierce fitness regime that helps her lift and round her backside.


This Brazilian butt girl has a booty-building guide online, and you don’t have to look much further than her Instagram page for proof that it works.

This fitness lover and model shares her bottom-heavy workouts on Instagram — and your glutes can get sore just from watching them.


Jeanette Jenkins’s booty workouts can be exhausting to watch on Instagram (Did I just break a sweat?!), but it just goes to show you don’t get a round AF booty by sitting on it.

A registered nurse and certified fitness trainer, Sami B (aka @leanmachine21) shows her more than 730,000 followers how to slay booty workouts. #Buttspo, anyone?

Yanet Garcia has been turning heads since she first delivered the forecast on Mexican TV and now bills herself as “Mexican Weather Girl.” Thanks to her fitspirational Instagram account, it’s not hard to imagine where she spends loads of time off screen: the gym.


Dancer/model/fit girl butt workouts are no joke, according to the insanely difficult moves she posts on Instagram.


Bodybuilder and model Jessica Arevalo isn’t shy about showing off her booty or sharing her lower body workouts, which might include 6 sets of 20 reps of barbell squats.

This L.A.-based fitness trainer is the creator Cosmo’s 28-Day Butt Challenge, so you can give her moves a go for real results.